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Let your data drive your business.

The Fleet2Track platform was specifically designed to monitor all of your company's internal and external assets.

Monitor the activity of your vehicles, machines and mobile equipment more efficiently

Fleet2Track maximizes your fleet's productivity through advanced monitoring and analysis of data collected through GPS devices and sensors installed in vehicles/mobile equipment.

The Fleet2Track solution helps your company and your fleet to:


Management module to assign and manage tasks/services.



    • Attention threshold monitoring;
    • Psychophysical health monitoring;
    • Control of alcoholic substances in circulation.


    • Safety distance detection;
    • Lane detection;
    • Collision risk detection;
    • “Man down” functionality.


    • Collision risk monitoring;
    • Possibility of integration with video cameras inside the vehicle, with real-time viewing;
    • Vehicle ignition only with an RFID TAG in the driver's possession.


Keep control of all the variables that revolve around your business.



  • RFID card recognition;
  • Monitoring of seals and schedules.


  • Complete check of the condition of the vehicle;
  • Real-time position detection;
  • Detection of external environmental conditions.


  • Driving style detection;
  • Monitoring of all tasks.


  • Backup;
  • Analysis of the general performance of vehicles/equipment.


Transform data and information into useful elements to maximize the productivity of your fleet, machines and/or your company's mobile assets.



  • Fuel sensors;
  • Driving style analysis;
  • Maximizing the useful life of the vehicle.


  • Management of administrative deadlines;
  • Optimization of fleet productivity.


  • Remote multi-user access;
  • Real-time communications between the driver and the monitoring office/center;
  • Management of interventions/services from tablets and smartphones;
  • Management module to assign and manage tasks/services.

Smart GPS Unit

Our devices (On-board unit – OBU) can be easily installed in each vehicle you want to monitor.

These devices can be connected to various onboard sensors, collecting and communicating data to the operations center.

The data is collected through an integrated GPRS/UMTS modem, with GPS, which allows real-time monitoring of the movements of the vehicle, movable property or equipment in the territory.

The operations center will have a dashboard available for all data coming from the device (OBU).

The Fleet2Track platform was developed to increase your business performance through advanced monitoring and analysis of data collected by sensors that can connect to the tracking unit installed in vehicles and other mobile assets. ​

Smart Logics

Leverage Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Azure AI, Azure Cognitive Services, and other advanced data tools.

Asset Tracking

Track and monitor any asset—not just vehicles—whether the asset is indoors or outdoors.

Azure Integration

Enjoy full integration with the suite of Microsoft Azure services.