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We create 24-hour protection and monitoring solutions anywhere.

  • We add value in the social and health sector such as telecare, residences, supervised apartments, day centers, etc. with our solution.
  • People who use our service:
    • Improve their well-being;
    • Increase their autonomy;
    • Reduce their loneliness.

Technology That Empowers People

Traditional Telecare,
90s Technology

  • It generally does not work outside the home;
  • It is complex to install and/or requires installers;
  • Does not prevent or detect risk situations;
  • It makes it difficult for family and children to participate;

Improving Telecare

  • We transformed the traditional red button into a differentiating solution;
  • Does not require a landline or cell phone for the user and the installation is wireless;
  • We expanded coverage because it also works outside the home;
  • Detect risk situations with non-intrusive monitoring;
  • No microphones or cameras;
  • We give you a web and mobile management tool to monitor what is happening.

24-hour protection, anywhere

  • Automated detection of risk situations;
  • Help button and speakerphone;
  • Indoor and outdoor location with advanced algorithms;
  • Health (pulse, voltage, sp2o, temperature (in beta));
  • Medication reminder;
  • Magnetic charging;
  • Self-installable with QR;
  • Device with SIM that makes it autonomous;
  • White label;

Family/Caregiver Mobile App

  • Senior protection surveillance;
  • Help button;
  • Voice with family members;
  • medicine recorders;
  • Steps, saturation, pulse and blood pressure;
  • GPS location;
  • The battery lasts 3 days and works with GPS;
  • Easy charging without connectors;
  • Inbound call to authorized numbers.