Track4People means conscience, care, prevention


Track4people is both a platform and a web app created to monitor people’s safety, allowing us to track and keep in contact with the people that we care and wish to keep in safe.

Track4people allows the monitoring of the location and movement of an unlimited number of people using smartphone GPS technology or professional trackers through a tool given to each person.

Thanks to Track4People you can communicate in real time and receive notifications on your smartphone about the person you take care.

“Track4People is the thread that unites all family members, allowing them to know if the 2 year old son is with the nanny, if the 75 year old father that lives 400km away is ok, if my 13 year old son is at school and if my sister that went on a sailing trip is safe.”

Marco, 48 anos,Milão

How it works?

The person you need to track is given a device with GPS that is connected to your account, then the Track4People app available for smartphone, tablet or PC, allows the view of a map and icons with the person’s attributed name in movement. The GPS transmits the location to the platform Track4People that processes it in real time.

At the same time the application creates a list of geographical coordinates and detects movements in real time, keeping the history in its memory.

The app allows the location, alerts, S.O.S. and messaging, but also silent listening when necessary, definition of “geo-fence” limits, fall alarm “man down” among others. The Track4People platform establishes a wide range of tools, chosen according to the context of use:

Track4People means conscience, care, prevention

Kokoa Travel
Plan your travel!

We created an app that allows the monotoring of people groups tailored to the needs of turism operator, offering a service in the technological vanguard: It allows the increase of costumer safety and generate a new profit opportunity for the companies by adding a new service to their offer. It is an excellent opportunity to increase the excellence of tourism services.

When we get without network coverage while traveling, our solutions allow the control and tracking of the tourists to know if they are well, allowing the rescue team informed about the tourist’s GPS location, just by pressing a button.

Add this durable tax free device to your essential equipment list and keep yourself connected wherever you ar. Live the adventure!

In the case of groups, the convoy can verify where the tourist is through the verification on his smartphone. In the case of cruise ships where the schedules are tighter, our app allows for a more efficient control. In extreme cases, such us in the forest or high sea, we offer real time satellite control, creating more safety for the tourist. The person that will receive all the information be it the location or in case of a rescue is predefined at the beginning.

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GPS tracker rental services for kids in school trips

Track4People allows the monitoring of a trip’s progress and localizing all the children and teacher in a map, in order to guarantee the maximum security in each trip. The teacher uses the app in his smartphone and the school has total control over the web platform.

Track4People created the first professional portable kit to monitor school buses in real time. The families have access to the app through their smartphones and monitor their kid’s bus path.

The entry and exit of the kids is detected automatically by a technological device that, through Track4People, notifies their parents and the school administration.

  • School bus tracking through the app for the parents
  • Automatized bus entry and exit
  • Access control
  • GPS tracker for kids during school trips
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